best practices for techgnology in the classroom

            The use of technology in todays classroom is inevitable. Technology opens up a whole new world of learning. Specifically with a special education classroom technology is increasingly important because of the students I work with. Many use technology on an everyday bases in order to vocalize ideas and answers and feeling form day to day. The use of the AAC devices or augmentative and alternative communication gives students who don't have a voice a voice in which to communicate.
            People with severe speech or language problems rely on AAC to supplement existing speech or replace speech that is unintelligible, or not functional. Special augmentative aids, such as picture and symbol communication boards, PODDS,  and electronic devices, are available to help people express themselves. These devices give speech where there is none. Technology in this sense is very important for example within a classroom ;lesson, a student could use his or her device to answer questions, request a turn, or describe things within the lesson itself.
              According to the student they may be well versed in using their communication device but for those students who are not, or do not have as much practice using "their voice" being the AAC device the teacher or paraprofessional can use modeling and scaffolding to help the student understand how to completely navigate their device.
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