im a mom and college student

         When I think of a traditional college student I am certainly not the first type of student that comes to mind. But be that as it may I am what I would consider as one of many different types college students of today. I'm 30 with two younger children, and I am a single  mother. It seems to me that with all of the other topics of discussion running rampant among the discussion boards, there has been a lot of tolerance with other subject matter, laws made, and discussions talked about. There have been accommodations made for other groups but as I found out today perhaps a person in my position was not thought of as one of much importance.
Related image           As what some would call a "non traditional" student of today I am much older than my classmates, I have children, and I am a black single female. being a single mother trying to do it all, among my checklist lies taking night college courses. Being in this position its second nature to pick my children up from school after work and take them with me to school. But to my chagrin I am told I cannot bring my children into the school. 

  Where this is where the problem arises. As a working single mother of two children where exactly am, I supposed to take my children as I try to further my education the other time I currently can which is at night. Accommodations are made for other, but when it comes to this, so many show their intolerance, and don't make spaces available for this type of non traditional student. no college is not a space for my children to run rampant, but there should be a space, and availability for them to quietly sit as I take my lasses that I am paying for out of my own pocket.


  1. Hi Catherine ... I am not sure if we are suppose to respond to each other blogs but I just had to respond to yours. I understand how you feel but don't get discouraged. I will be 30 this year and I also have a small child my baby is just 2 years old and I am married but that does not make it easier. I work full-time. I just finished my Associates this summer so I know how hard it is, but we can't give up. I tell myself every day that I am doing this for my daughter so we can have a better life. So please don't be discouraged. Everything will work out.


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