what have i learned this quarter

I know a great deal about technology. I know how to search the web, make a movie, make a blog, and copy and paste links. This class taught me even more about how to do those things. I learn the actual importance of technology in the classroom. I learned the pros and cons, and affordances, and constraints of technology as well. I learned that some forms of technology are great for some ages and other times it just becomes a distraction. I learned how to make a piktochart which is something I had never heard of before. I learned how to make my own website which was something completely new to me. This class expounded on things and subject matters whirring technology that I may have already been familiar with. Most of all I learn that for as hard as technology may be for me personally it's not impossible. It took concentration, determination, and creativity for me to finish out this quarter and I believe I'm better for it.
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