using flipped classrooms pedagogy in the classroom

            The flipped classroom is the pedagogical model in which homework and lecture and other elements of a course are reversed. This is to say that in stead of going to class first, and getting the knowledge and lecture on a certain subject matter the student does all the reading and learning on their own and then comes to class with this prior knowledge of the subject at hand. In theory the idea of this model is so that the student can learn on their own, and have the opportunity for active learning, and student engagement. The student SHOULD be able to learn materials and be "prepared" for upcoming class because they should have the prior knowledge about the subject before class.
              In my classroom I would never really use the flipped classroom method because I feel like its not the best method for teaching and learning.  As a student I remember having many issues in class because I needed to ask a lot of questions. I didn't really understand things when they were first explained so they needed to be explained again, for clarity. I believe that the purpose for the teacher is to teach in class. The instructor should prepare the student within the class first in order for them to understand their homework an reflect on what they have already learned in class, not the other way around.
                If the student is at home doing readings, and looking at lectures they will have no way to ask questions, no way to check what they are doing, and if they are confused or falling behind they are not really learning and in turn wont be prepared for class.

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