what i expect to learn from this course

          In the beginning of the course we were asked what our experience was with technology, and how we would rate  ourselves on a scale of 1 to 5, as it pertains to our experience with technology. I consider myself well versed when it comes to technology. I can pretty much do  anything from searching online for research papers to typing papers, to using PowerPoint, and compiling online spreadsheets for budgeting purposes. I can look up items, I can post blogs, I can post videos, and share pictures. I can reach the world through the internet.
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When I was growing up I remember my mother having dial up internet service. The extent of my internet use was doing research, typing papers, and PowerPoints. Fortunately I learned at a fast enough rate to where I could catch up with the fast paced world of technology surrounding me. What I hope to learn from this course is how to expand my existing knowledge and learn even more than I already do. although I am used to turning in hand written homework, and writing journal entries with pen and paper I hope to learn more about the world of technology, and be able to do more outside of what I already know.



           My major is special education so I hope to learn something pertaining to technology n the special education classroom. Technology is a huge portion of how we all learn in todays day in age, so given the chance to learn about technology that could impact y students would be my greatest hope. Having knowledge of technology in a special education classroom could help me as well as my students to learn better.

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