affordances and costraints in education

Whether you as the teacher choose computers, iPad, books, or otherwise certain things ave contrarians, or things that limit you and the students working with these technologies. Others have constraints , or things that you can do with the technology, that allow you to help tech your students.With constraints, this may make the task harder or maybe impossible. With an affordance this allows the students ad student to do more than that might have been able to before. For example, an affordance of  tablet in a preschool classroom would be bigger, and brighter pictures for reading books, and perhaps sound effects to go along with the text. A constraint could be the same book might the a book where its talking about different surfaces, hard and soft, bumpy, or smooth, or even furry. With the same iPad that afforded those student the pretty pictures, and sounds, constraints them to feeling the furry animals.

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 Affordances allow an expansion of learning and widen the possibilities within the classroom for learning and teaching. Constraints in the classroom don't necessarily take away possibility but rather puts certain limits on technologies that are used with the classroom.


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